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Carly Fiorina To Say HP Will Take the Home Media Fight To Intel and Microsoft

Hewlett-Packard Will Be Giving Consumers Even More Media Options

SYS-CON Live Coverage of HP - via Google News

Hewlett-Packard has no plans to abandon its push into home entertainment, CEO Carly Fiornia will be saying in a keynote address to CES tomorrow. In the past year, HP has followed through with its plans to introduce a number of consumer electronic devices, although analysts question just how successful the initiative has been. HP remains undeterred, planning even more ambitious projects involving both PC and non-PC based hubs. (Photo Copyright SYS-CON Media)

Hewlett-Packard and companies like Intel and Microsoft have put their weight behind entertainment systems that meld PCs with media devices such as TVs and cable. Other companies, like AMD, believe consumers do not want their media experience tied to PCs, a view shared by some leading analysts.

HP will try to straddle both of these options. HP is developing a nonPC hub for the living room. The new platform will use a Linux OS, to make the system as easy to use as possible, and to keep familiar PC technology at arms length.

"There is another set of consumers who are coming from the perspective of home electronics," said HP's Bob Engel, director of product marketing for consumer digital entertainment. "They don't place a high value on surfing the Web."

On this front, HP plans to offer a media hub that does not use a cable box. HP has also designed an electronic programming guide that lets consumers find and record content. A music database service will give consumers access to song titles, CD artwork, and other artist information.

Shifting gears, HP will appeal to PC enthusiasts with additions to its Digital Entertainment Center, with integrated e-mail, Internet access, and digital entertainment. Technology like high-definition television will be supported, and a brand-new technology known as "wobulation."

Developed with Texas Instruments, it will offer double the resolution currently available with flat-panel, and high-definition TVs. "Wobulation" combines Texas Instrument's Digital Light Processing technology, allowing for a digital image to be projected at twice its resolution without changing the light modulator or increasing pixels, all along maintaining a crisp image. The result is better resolution at a more affordable price. 

Analysts have viewed HP's past efforts to enter the consumer entertainment arena as falling short of expectations. Trying to further expand its original business plan may dilute HP's designs even more.

HP disagrees with these views. Shane Robison, executive vice president and CTO at HP, said the company is very pleased with what it has done. "We have been very happy with what's been going on in our media products and our mobility products," he said.

HP CEO, Carly Fiornia, will discuss in her keynote address details surrounding the company's latest efforts. She is scheduled to deliver this address Friday at the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas.

SYS-CON Live Coverage of HP - via Google News

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Jeremy Geelan is Chairman & CEO of the 21st Century Internet Group, Inc. and an Executive Academy Member of the International Academy of Digital Arts & Sciences. Formerly he was President & COO at Cloud Expo, Inc. and Conference Chair of the worldwide Cloud Expo series. He appears regularly at conferences and trade shows, speaking to technology audiences across six continents. You can follow him on twitter: @jg21.

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Most Recent Comments
CarlyYouCantBeSerious 01/07/05 01:24:00 PM EST

Wow! Amazing! Like anyone in the industry listens to what HP leadership has to say or would bet their business on them. (Ask a True64 user!)

If I'm not mistaken, isn't HP's main line of computer systems based on Microsoft and Intel, including their media PCs? HP oughttta think twice about challenging their key technology suppliers. Not that they would, but what if Microsoft and Intel stopped selling to HP? Hey Carly, newsflash: (HP - Microsoft) + (HP - Intel) = -1 (Well OK, you still have cameras and printers)

Invent?! time to invent a strategy. What was the last industry shattering invention or innovation to come from HP? What about under Carly's watch?

Seriously, does anyone actually pay attention to HP leadership's statements? I'm surprised Carly is even invited to be a keynote speaker, unless its how to make a once key industry player and giant irrelevant.

These opinions are my own, yep mine and mine alone, no one elses.

Tony W 01/07/05 02:35:14 AM EST

I'd like to hear Her Worship explain why they put an HP/Invent logo on the back of the Apple iPod that they redistribute. It's sad to watch HP in its decline.

Ca Resident 01/07/05 01:50:08 AM EST

We will boycott all HP products until they stop sending California's jobs offshore. Bring California back from India.

Convergence 01/07/05 12:16:45 AM EST

Invent what? Check out Sony's PSP, Playstation3 and streaming TV. Is the next generation Web Interface HTML/XML based? Color printing - Check out OKI, Canon, Minolta! HP is just High Price. Why do you think IBM got rid of its PC division?

n9423u 01/06/05 05:48:02 AM EST

Just think.... HP's workforce is what 142,000 people and the planet lost over 150,000 people in the asia tsunami.

That's like the entire HP workforce being wiped out.

NOw why is it that the world views the price of those 150,000 asians as worthy of just $3 billion dollars in aid money, (not to mention the 5 million survivers displaced) and the 142,000 people at HP, judging by the stock price and market cap, those people are worth $64 billion dollars. give me a break !!

IN other words, the question that comes to mind is if a tsunami, a layoff tsunami for example, or a real world tsunami of some kind wiped out the entire Hp workforce of 142,000 people then carly should only expect to recieve $3 billion dollars in aid money worldwide to rebuild her mythical digital world where everything revolves around her. right ??

You know that 150,000 number seems to be poping up everywhere lately. Last I've read we have 150,000 troops in Iraq. I've seen two diffrent stories on funding for iraq in 2005. One of them said bush will ask for $60 billion dollars in 2005, another story says that congress expects a request for $100 billion dollars.

If it turns out to be $60 billion dollars to support 150,000 troops in 2005, lets just liquidate HP and use the $64 billion dollars of market cap money to run the war and the 142,000 HP employees that will then be out of a job to fight it.

When its all over Carly can run for the position of Mayor of Baghdad and fullfill her political dreams.

blue_nova 01/06/05 05:45:59 AM EST

Dell entered the printer business less than two years ago but already has a 13% market share.
Some of this must be what was hp's share.

2004 13%
2005 25%
2006 50%

dovmeister2 01/06/05 04:56:00 AM EST

CSS = Computer Special Systems. They had groups all over the world. It was a real money maker for DEC

flory_78 01/06/05 04:55:06 AM EST

What is the CSS unit?

tattletailerr 01/06/05 04:54:22 AM EST

Sounds like the old CSS unit is finally going to Jurasic Park with the rest of manufacturing. Long overdue, this has been a high overhead group to carry.

oldredstillhunts 01/06/05 04:52:39 AM EST

I have a close friend still there at a high level and she says long term Hewlett-Packard is purely a distribution company.

Bill Dieterich 01/06/05 04:51:14 AM EST

It seems to me that it's not only time to review HP's broad strategy and its inability to execute but also to consider replacing Fiorina, the inspiring speaker, with someone with a proven track record in operations and execution. Five years is a long enough trial to drive change and improve performance. We only give the President of the U.S. four years.

according to BW 01/06/05 04:38:05 AM EST

It's not good news when an $80 billion "technology" company makes the majority of its profit from ink-jet cartridges. It's an $80 billion office-supplies company. The unique culture is gone along with the "technology."

John Sullivan
Granite Bay, Calif.

n9423u 01/06/05 04:33:25 AM EST

Talk about your misplaced values.

Worldwide aid for the tsunami victims is being reported currently at $3 billion dollars.

HP's market cap is $64 billion dollars, twenty one times more valuable than the lives of the over 150,000 people now gone, the 5 million people that are displaced, lost everything, and now homeless.

hp_blogger 01/06/05 04:32:04 AM EST

What about this year, carleton? What's being done today to generate profit and return for shareholders?

HP Media Initiative 01/06/05 04:27:32 AM EST

Go Carly!