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(November 17, 2003) - It used to be a digital techfest with no special focus; it is this year due to be morphing - so its organizers say - into a tradeshow laser-focused on IT and B2B solutions. The place is Las Vegas, and the show is COMDEX. With Alan Meckler of fame launching, just down The Strip in the Mandalay Bay Convention Center, the inaugural CDXpo ("IT Enterprise Week" as it finally branded itself) COMDEX stole a march on its rival by introducing a "pre-Keynote" last night… by none other than the CSA of Microsoft, Bill Gates himself. This was the equivalent of a preemptive strike by COMDEX. Especially since Meckler’s primary keynoter is the far-from-popular CEO of the SCO Group, Darl McBride. Gates has been keynoting at COMDEX since 1983, when he was just 28 and when - as a Seattle newspaper reminds us this morning - "parachute pants were the ... (more)

My Thoughts on the Apple iPad

iPhone Apps on Ulitzer iPhone Apps on Ulitzer - The Apple iTablet or iSlate is due to be shown off to the world January 27th, and unleashed on us sometime in March. The blogosphere has been buzzing about the topic. Joe Wilcox of said “The world doesn’t need an Apple Tablet, or any other” (full post here). MG of TechCrunch followed up with “The World Doesn’t Need Someone Telling Us What We Don’t Need In Tech” (full post here).  I think both writers make some good points, but I wanted to give my thoughts, and ask the readers of CTOvision theirs. The Apple Tablet is rumored to cost $1000. So the first word that comes to my mind is “overpriced.”  When you can purchase a decent netbook for under $300, a solid ultra-portable 12-14″ (laptop) for $500, and a good business laptop for under $700…why would you ever pay $1000 for a simple tablet?  Quite frankly, I... (more)

There's Growth, and Then There's Growth

At our annual sales conference, Lori and I sat in on a great presentation by coworker Dawn Parzych that talked about the Internet, usage, and patterns. There are two interesting statistics that she presented, and I’ve munged them to generate a combined statistic. Dawn is our Product Manager for acceleration, but the statistics I’m pulling out of her presentation are generic informational statistics. She mentioned her source, but alas,  I didn’t write it down. Drop me a line if you simply must have it, and I’ll bug her for it. Statistic one: Number of Internet Users, 1995 to present. The numbers she quoted were 36 million in 1995 and 2.1 billion in 2011. Note that the graphs used in this post are all mine, so I bear responsibility if they don’t match the text description. As an interesting side note, they were all generated in Google Docs because Excel has lost the a... (more)

TIBCO Spotfire Delivers Game-Changer - Brings the Power of Discovery to Big Data

New Version of Spotfire Analytics Platform Delivers on TIBCO Big Data Strategy and Commitment to Transform Businesses TUCON 2012, LAS VEGAS, NV, September 25, 2012 - Today at TUCON® 2012, TIBCO Software Inc. (NASDAQ: TIBX) announced TIBCO Spotfire® 5.0, the latest version of its data discovery and analytics platform, which offers breakthrough capabilities to speed analysis of big data. Spotfire® 5 includes a completely re-architected in-memory engine specifically built to enable users from across the enterprise to visualize and interact with massive amounts of data. Spotfire 5 also integrates with global data warehousing leaders Teradata (see related press release: "TIBCO Spotfire Announces Expanded Partnership with Teradata to Offer Extreme Data Discovery and Analytics"), Oracle, and Microsoft, and accesses Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services cubes. Additionall... (more)

SYS-CON Media and Wireless Business & Technology Magazine Announce WirelessEdge 2002 International Conference & Expo

Las Vegas, NV, March 20, 2001 - SYS-CON Events, Inc. ( and Wireless Business & Technology magazine ( announced today at the CTIA Wireless 2001 in Las Vegas that the WirelessEdge 2002 International Wireless Business & Technology Conference & Expo ( will take place May 7-9, 2002, at the Santa Clara Convention Center, Santa Clara, California. The exhibit floor will feature an even more comprehensive showcase of vendor resources in 2002, as companies bring new or improved products to the wireless marketplace. The conference program will fully explore the impact of wireless applications on 21st century business processes, and will examine the future market potential based on worldwide consumer acceptance to date of new devices, applications and services. "We're very excited to be presenting WirelessEdge 2002, and look... (more)

CA Tries to Explain Sanjay's Continued Employment

At CA World in Las Vegas this week, Computer Associates found itself having to explain the role of its all-powerful ex-CEO, Sanjay Kumar, since he adroitly managed to avoid getting drummed out of the corps last month by morphing into the company's so-called chief software architect, a loosely defined job. According to the story retailed, Sanjay's the guy the company's got talking to users and developing, oh, wish lists that can be whipped into CA's technical strategy in concert with CTO Yogesh Gupta, senior VP of product development Mark Barrenechea and executive VP Russ Artzt, whose name is believed to be on the government's list of people it would like ousted. Sanjay's job description might play better if it weren't for the reports of growing customer discomfit with doing business with a company the government has labeled "corrupt." CA is also asking people to bel... (more)

Quick, Darl, Duck. Rotten Tomatoes at 12 O'Clock

SCO CEO Darl McBride claims that the discovery that IBM has turned over so far - the stuff that nobody outside the two companies has seen yet - is proving out SCO's contention that IBM played fast and loose with SCO code, which makes him wonder about the caliber of the smoking gun IBM's hiding in the discovery it's trying to keep from SCO. That being said, we assume he's taking his bodyguard with him to SCO Forum in Las Vegas next week. ... (more)

Has the Technology Bounceback Begun?

2004 was the year that saw the iPod blaze its trail through the technology heaven, saw Google Inc. go public and double its share price from $100 to $200, and watched the fortune of RIM (of Blackberry fame) founder Mike Lazaridis's fortunes grow still further as wireless e-mail became more and more the rule and not the exception. But what of 2005? Has a wider technology bounceback begun? At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2005 last week, the answer seemed to be a resounding: "Yes!" As everyone who has not been living in a cave for the past 29 years knows, Microsoft is 100% devoted to changing the world. "Most people are still not in the digital realm," said Bill Gates in his opening keynote at CES. But it is far from being the only onion in the stew. The industry-wide 'return of technology' has begun. Even Gates himself acknowledged we stand at the threshhold of ... (more)

"Cisco, You Are Really Screwing Up Here" Says Security Researcher

Security officials at Cisco have released a patch to fix the Internet Operating System (IOS) problem that resulted in 'Ciscogate' T-shirts going on sale last week in Las Vegas, after Michael Lynn — who gave a controversial presentation on Cisco security (or, rather, insecurity) at the Black Hat Security Conference — was the subject of a permanent injunction preventing him from using any Cisco code in his possession for further reverse engineering or security research or presenting the same material at the DEF CON hacker convention which followed Black Hat. Lynn, who has an extensive background in embedded systems, including kernel development and whose research interests include signals intelligence, cryptography, VoIP, reverse engineering, "and any protocol designed by committee," had recently been concentrating his research focus on securing critical r... (more)

Sybase TechWave 2005 Conference Review

This year TechWave 2005 took place at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. For those of you who didn't make it, the following is a recap of the events, with a couple of thoughts and suggestions thrown in. Sunday, August 21 Test Your Sybase Knowledge Gameshow Four TeamSybase members (Millard Brown, Terry Voth, Mike Nicewarner, and myself) do battle against a team of Sybase employees. Each team took turns answering multiple-choice questions off a Jeopardy-style game board. Fifty percent of the questions were related to Sybase engineering and the rest were from other walks of life. There were two rounds with a tiebreaker question just in case. The audience had handhelds and played along. They had a chance to win some cool prizes (30GB iPods, PSPs, and Optic Nerve Sunglasses were up for grabs) at the end of each round (so to the audience it is really two games). Jonathan Baker (... (more)

SYS-CON i-Technology Podcast: Google and Microsoft May Clash at CES

Will Google be subverting Microsoft’s market dominance? This is the question of the hour within the entire technology industry, large parts of which are gathered in Las Vegas for the annual Consumer Electronics Show. Larry Page is expected to make an announcement of a $200 PC that may run an operating system developed by Google, at his keynote speech on Friday, January 6. Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates spoke at the CES show earlier, touting some new photo-editing tools, a retooled media player, and features of the upcoming, long-awaited Microsoft Windows Vista, formerly known as Longhorn. He also metaphorically boxed company CEO Steve Ballmer in an Xbox game that featured heavyweight greats Muhammad Ali and Smokin’ Joe Frazier. This and other highlights featured on the podcast. Enjoy! ... (more)